Hungry Dragon

It was a pleasure to help my talented friends at 23Lunes Studios on these trailers for Ubisoft.

Direction: Jordi Garcia
Art Director: Bor Arroyo
Animation Studio: 23lunes Creative Animation Studio
Lead Animator: Héctor Muñoz
Production: Angee Marcazzan
Character Modellers: Miguel Miranda, Luis Gaspardo
Character Animators: Marc Briones , Alan Carabantes
Rigger: David Corral
Shading & Texture Character Artist: Oriol Corrales.
Character Design : Ubisoft Mobile Barcelona
Senior 3D Artists: Albert Pintor
Shading, Lighting and Render: Bor Arroyo
FX Artist: Ernest Monter
Compositing and Grading: Jordi García
Music and SFX: Cansons